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What is SEO and why do I need to care?

There’s a lot of jargon and industry speak surrounding SEO (search engine optimisation), and it can make the whole process seem incredibly daunting: “SERP”, “Backlinks”, “Crawling”, “Indexing”🤯 … You get the picture.

But at it’s core, SEO can be thought of as just a set of actions that improves your website in ways that search engines appreciate.

When done effectively, it signals to search engines that your website is a relevant and trusted resource for a given search term and will be prioritised over others it deems to be less relevant and trustworthy.

The impact of undertaking effective SEO (and why you should care)  is fairly obvious – your website gets seen in search results more frequently, generating more leads and sales for your business.


Why your small business needs our SEO service

Boost Traffic & Sales

By boosting your search ranking, you’ll increase traffic, leads and sales for your website. Stats show that ranking #1 for a keyword results in a more than 10 fold increase in the likelihood of being chosen in search results.

Enhance Brand Awareness

By ranking higher and being seen by more potential customers, your brand will begin to be associated with a particular search term. Place yourself at the top of mind for genuine leads in your industry.

Increase Credibility

Effective SEO improves your website’s credibility among searchers. Making it onto the 1st page in Google sends a signal to potential customers that search engines trust your website. That’s a key reason why 75% of users don’t stray past page 1.

What makes our SEO service different?

Local, Friendly Team

When you work with us you know who you’re dealing with. We are a small team servicing small businesses Australia-wide. We’re a small Australian business ourselves and understand local business needs.

Value for Money, No Lock-In Contracts!

Our SEO packages are very competitively priced and suit the smallest of small business budgets. Our ongoing SEO management services don’t require lock-in commitments, giving you freedom and flexibility.

Progress Reports & Transparency

With us you’ll know how our SEO services are positively affecting your search rankings. We’re honest, transparent, and make sure you know where your hard-earned dollars are going. Our reports and updates help you understand the results of our efforts.

Our SEO Process

Website Audit

We get under the hood of your website to identify your SEO strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for improvement. We also analyse how well your competition is performing in terms of SEO, and mine their data for any actionable insights.


We work with you to identify appropriate keywords for your small business. Then we conduct keyword research with our specialized SEO software to strategically select your focus keywords. This way we focus our efforts on where it will have the most impact.

We get to werk

Seriously. We get cracking.

Whatever is required to improve your SEO, we’re on it. Whether it’s image optimisation, HTML structure, site speed, metadata improvements, we’ll get cracking to give you the best chance of rising through the ranks.

Timely & Transparent Reporting

We make sure we take you along for the ride. Every month you’ll receive a detailed update so you’re not left in the dark. These reports show what’s been done and why, the effect of our efforts on your rankings, and an outline for next steps.


There are never any hard and fast guarantees when it comes to SEO improvements. What we can say is that every time we put effort into SEO for our clients, we’ve been able to demonstrate real and appreciable results. We stand by our work, as do the clients we’ve been lucky enough to work with.

Interested in our affordable small business SEO services?

If you’d like to learn more, we’d love to hear from you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guarantee particular rankings?

In a word, no. Our primary goal in undertaking any SEO project is to grow organic traffic to your website that converts into sales, leads, sign-ups, or other goals for your business. Given the complexities of SEO, and the vast range of factors outside our control, we simply cannot guarantee specific rankings. However, we do guarantee that our skills and expertise will be brought to bear on your SEO, and for however long you decide to engage our SEO services we’ll leave your site in a better position SEO-wise than when we found it.

when can I expect to see progress?

As with most areas of SEO it is, frustratingly, dependent on the context: How competitive is the industry/keyword? what level of ‘domain trust’ does your site and your competitor’s site have? How much SEO has already been done to your site? Etc. But, generally speaking, we expect to see positive effects within 3-4 months of the work commencing. 

how many keywords do you target?

We target as many keywords as possible with the goal of increasing targeted organic traffic to your site leading to conversion. We target both ‘primary’ keywords (commonly searched and competitive phrases) and ‘long-tail’ keywords (lower search volume, but less competitive phrases).

are your seo services provided under a 'lock-in' contract?

No. We don’t use lock-in contracts for our SEO work. We provide month-to-month services, which can be paused or terminated (with 2 weeks notice) if your business goals or circumstances change.

what techniques do you employ to optimise my site's search appearance?

We employ a range of tried and trusted SEO strategies to improve our client’s search rankings and online visibility. These include on-page SEO strategies (HTML structure, image optimisation, internal link building, metadata optimisation, and content optimisation) and technical SEO strategies (page speed, site structure, sitemaps, indexation, structured data).

do you give progress reports?

We sure do. Every month you’ll receive a detailed report outlining:

  • The work that has been done.
  • Why it’s been done.
  • Changes to your website’s rankings.
  • Proposed next steps for the following month to continue strengthening your search position.